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Batangas State University Adaptive Capacity-building and Technology Innovation for Occupational Hazards and Natural Disasters (BatStateU ACTION) Center is the home for community folks, barangay leaders, local executives, disaster managers, researchers, partner civil society organizations and other stakeholders needing assistance and support to enhance their knowledge and skills on disaster preparedness and response.

BatStateU ACTION Center operates under the Office of the University President in collaboration with partner Local Government Units (LGUs), Regional Line Agencies (RLAs) and private organizations in the local, national and international levels.

The ACTION Center aims to:

  1. Protect whatever economic gains people and communities have garnered through formal education and research using science and technology;
  2. Take a pro-active role in making people and communities safer and more resilient to save their lives and properties in times of natural calamities through professional education, skills training and innovative research;
  3. Make local leaders and communities more aware of the dangers of natural hazards and be prepared when such disasters occur; and
  4. Inform people and communities about all possible natural hazards in their areas, the warning information and the suggested actions to take during these events.

We are pleased to announce that students and employees of Batangas State University can now access the MULTI-HAZARD EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS GUIDE and EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBERS in their respective portals. This initiative aims to inform and educate our employees, faculty members, and students on preparedness measures necessary for specific hazards.

The protocols indicated in the preparedness guide are aligned with the approved BatStateU Crisis Management Plan with Board Resolution No. 107 Series of 2020.