Campus Visit

Visitation at BatStateU Campuses

On March 11,18,25, April 6 and May 6 and 12 , the BatStateU ACTION Center visited BatStateU campuses to check and verify the procurement of DRRM tools and equipment, the identified temporary Emergency Operation Center and evacuation areas, the current condition of the Very High Frequency (VHF) Base Station and Antenna, and the availability of fire extinguishers and emergency signages.

This Office initiative was undertaken in order to ensure the resiliency of the aforementioned campuses in the event of a disaster.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the members of the Incident Management Team and building marshals of Batangas State University's Campuses for the warm welcome and very accommodating treatment we received yesterday, April 7, 2022, while fulfilling the purpose of our visit.
The ACTION Center will continue to seek for ways to intervene in the DRRM preparation plan and measures of all Batangas State University campuses in order to ensure readiness and resiliency in the event of a disaster.