Conduct of Earthquake Drill per Building

The Incident Management Team (IMT) of Pablo Borbon as the operation arm of the BatStateU ACTIONCENTER spearheaded the conduct of an Earthquake Drill last May 4, 10 & 13, 2022; at exactly 10:00 am. The drill simulated, the plan of actions in the event of an Earthquake, such as duck-cover-and-hold as the initial response, followed by building evacuation via pre-planned evacuation routes per buildings and proceeding to the designated evacuation area and the establishment of an IMT Command Post and Triage Area. Right after the earthquake drill activities, a blended discussion was conducted among the head evaluators, members of the Pablo Borbon Campus IMT, building marshals, and the building occupants themselves. This post-activity meeting aimed to identify and address the flaws and the areas for improvement in the recently conducted earthquake drill.