Development of AVP and EVP for All Campuses of Batangas State University

Safety of person is a matter of concern to all in every part of the world. In fact all organizations and Institutions of learning have safety measures put in place. All institutions of learning are viewed as Heavens of peace worldwide. Notwithstanding this view, institutions of learning are reported to be Experiencing serious cases of natural and human induced disasters. All over the world, there has been an upward trend in the number of students dying or getting injured in school violence, disasters and Emergencies that would be avoided if safety polies were strictly adhered to. With this, disaster preparedness, response education and training are necessary in building and Maintaining resilient communities. Knowledge development and raising awareness through IEC materials and safety briefing on preparedness, response and adaptation would reduce the impact of natural and human induced disasters. Because safety of our community is our main priority, ACTION Center takes an initiative to develop an Audio Visual Presentation of Safety Briefing for the identified assembly areas in all campuses of Batangas State University. This will apply to all areas on all Batangas State University Campuses. The main aim of the project is to develop the audio – visual presentation about emergency plan and procedures during emergency situation at Batangas State University.