Conduct of Campus Visit: Damage Assessment Due to EARTHQUAKE

BatStateU Action Center takes initiative in the conduct of Rapid Damage and Need Analysis (RDANA) reports which contains the detailed assessments of the assigned Members of the Incident Management Team (IMT) on the effects of the incidents in each campus' buildings and other infrastructures.

Moreover, damages are being coordinated and reported to the Responsible Officer requesting appropriate actions and possible assistance.

Seminars Conducted

The University has been taking an active role in responding to the challenges in disaster risk management and disaster preparedness in conformance with the provisions set forth by the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010. With over 40,000 students facilitated by 1,700 faculty and staff in 11 campuses, the University has organized the Incident Command Teams (IMT) as an integral part of the university’s active and continuous efforts to effectively prepare for and respond to different hazards and threats that may occur in the university. The IMT members serve as the University’s first responders and front liners in terms of disaster response and recovery operations.

The ACTION Center, in partnership with different LGUs conducted 6 webinars in total. The activities aims to ensure that the designated members of the BatStateu Incident Management Teams and building marshals will continue to gain knowledge and skills on safety and preparedness on specific hazards.

Emergency Exit Plans

Recognizing the importance of emergency egress plans, BatStateu ACTION Center has commenced the installation of EMERGENCY ESCAPE ROUTE PLANS in the buildings of all campuses. These emergency route plan signage’s graphically show the routes available to the University personnel. The graphics also depict the evacuation exits and evacuation assembly points, among others.

Disaster Preparedness

Installation of Emergency Exit Plans in Pablo Borbon Campus