Tactical Operative Amphibious Drive (TOAD)

A well-engineered vehicle, TOAD can be effectively maneuvered both in land and water. It can navigate effectively even on deep waters through the installation of a mechanically adjustable rigger mechanism and application of flotation coating material that handles the stabilization and water sealing issues which are common to amphibious vehicles. The position of the TOAD can be electronically tracked through a dashboard tablet and remotely monitor its location through a web browser. The driving power comes from two 4-stroke engines, one for land navigation and one for water navigation with a power rating of 22hp and 15 hp respectively.

Jointly funded by Batangas State University and the Department of Science and Technology, TOAD is intended to be commercialized as it is rugged, efficient and low cost. With a seating capacity of 6, TOAD resembles that of a common owner type-jeep using rust-proof materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. Its target market includes local government units, different disaster mitigation response agencies, and other private enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Living up to its motto of Leading Innovation, Transforming Lives, the development of TOAD shows Batangas State University’s commitment of developing high impact researches which are relevant and responsive to the needs of the community.

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